WorkStyle Alignment Testimonials

Andy Hamilton

Wildland Firefigher
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Learning my WSP™ Preference changed everything.

I entered the workforce assuming the people at the top of every industry had been adept and successful in every station along the way. Every CEO had started in the mailroom. Every restaurateur had once washed dishes, flipped burgers, and delivered five searing hot plates of food gracefully balanced along her arm.

If I was going to be the best, earn the most, and climb the highest I would need to start at the bottom, work hard, and simply be better than the rest. This approach worked at first. However, I soon noticed a pattern developing. I’d start at an entry level position, do very well, be awarded with a supervisory role, burnout, and change industries. I wasn't moving up. I was moving sideways. It was exhausting.

Learning my WSP™ preference changed that. It brought everything into focus. I began to look for jobs naturally aligned with my WorkStyle Patterns®. I began to tailor jobs that were out of alignment to suit my needs, instead of the other way around. The burnout ceased. I learned to embrace lateral movement. Work became sustainable and enjoyable.

I recommend this inventory to anyone, whether you’re a mail clerk or a CEO. Don't waste anymore time being unhappy in your job.

Erica Palmer

Independent Marketing Strategist
WSP™ Inventory Experience

"Learning about my WSP™ Profile absolutely changed my life.

After college I struggled quite a bit when it came to figuring out what I wanted to do. I couldn’t find a job I liked enough to stay with long-term, and job-hopping got me in a confusing cycle of self-doubt.

After taking the WSP™ Inventory it was like a light bulb went on, and everything became so clear! I learned why the specific positions I had worked in the past hadn’t suited me, and why I was so unhappy in the work I had been doing. Reading about my WSP™ profile gave me a level of self-understanding that I had never known before, and it has guided me in every professional decision I have made since.

I highly recommend this evaluation to anyone who is looking for some clarity in their career, and who wants to discover their true strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their work style.”

Erin John Bittner

Chief Operating Officer in Retail & Wholesale client
WSP™ Inventory Experience

There are three things that stand out with the WorkStyle Patterns® Inventory for me: objectivity, creating alignment, and caring about people.

1) The WSP™ Inventory allows for objectivity when people talk about their job and performance (stresses and pleasures of work), separate from results. It is a way to openly, freely, and tangibly hold conversations about work that reveals if people are happy, unhappy, stressed, or in other words, how well a person is aligned to their work or not. In a way, the process quantifies this historically “soft” and sometimes difficult discussion topic.

2) If you care about people you soon realize that their work matters. And if their work words matter, their job matters, quality matters, it matters to the business. Work matters to their lives in that it provides a living, health-care, education, and supports family. To then have an employee focus their time in dead end jobs or that produce stress and unhappiness is a form of wasting life, no matter how heroic and self-sacrificing it may be. The WSP™ alignment process provides insight in how work content can get tweaked and modified here and there a bit that really helps people be happier at work, helps them contribute to the work in an aligned way, and ultimately helps them have a much more fulfilling occupation and purpose when at work.

3) What makes WSP™ assessment different from other instruments is its inherent design that reveals alignment conditions … you can see how the McFletcher’s deeply care about people and having them find aligned and purposeful work as that caring is designed into the inventory, the results, and the guidance about what you can do about those results—all in an effort to guide, teach, and help people find aligned work.

Adam Jorgensen

Doctoral Student, Medical Research
WSP™ Inventory Experience

I have been stunned thus far in my educational career how well WorkStyle Patterns identified my work style strengths and allowed me to take advantage of my natural work preferences. As an Adaptive Preference, I have found that rout repetition without flexibility and change are extremely draining on me physically and psychologically. That being said, I have always had a passion for the medical field, and as long as I can remember I have wanted to become a doctor. After receiving my initial WSP™ evaluation with Tomas, he explained that throughout my education I would find it difficult to spend countless hours doing the same activities. He explained that diversifying my responsibilities through research and volunteering would allow me to be more productive in my studies, as well as be a well-rounded applicant to medical school.

I followed this advice when I entered college. I found myself loving my study breaks to volunteer with those with mental disabilities, and spending time in the lab to research potential breakthroughs in science. Now as a medical student, I have taken a similar approach to my career. Rather then limiting myself to a future in private practice where I would see the same type of patient day in and day out, I have chosen to complete an MD/PhD program, which is preparing me for a career in academic medicine.

Regardless of the specialty I choose, this career path will allow me to balance my work between patient care, cutting edge research, medical education, and institutional leadership, while allowing more time to spend with family and church responsibilities. It is a career path I did not know existed as a teenager, but which was predicted quite precisely by WorkStyle Patterns. I couldn’t be happier.

Chelsea Thibodoc

Physical Fitness Instructor, Community Volunteer
WSP™ Inventory Experience

The WorkStyle Alignment with the WSP™ Inventory has opened my eyes to everything I already knew but was unaware of. It taught me why I tend to navigate towards certain positions and has been me a new direction when looking to improve my work environment and positions. I reference the WSP™ often when new opportunities arise to ensure I go down the right path for a happy and successful career.

Spencer Jorgensen

College Student and Admissions Representative
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Understanding my WSP™ Profile has helped me chose a career that works for me and changed the way I study and analyze subjects.

Throughout my life I was asked the question, “What do you want to do for your career?” I always rambled off the same answers like a doctor, firefighter, or dentist. It wasn’t until I went through the WSP™ that I understood where my skill set was. My WSP™ Profile helped me understand the work I would thrive in and would do this with connecting people and working with people. My knowledge from the WSP™ has not only helped me in choosing a career path, but also in other parts of my life.

The way that I study and learn new topics has changed because of the WSP™. My retention for subjects vastly grew as I studied with others just as me WSP™ Profile advised me. This made college courses as well as personal studies become more enjoyable to me.

I also have been able to better comprehend both work and social situations. I am able to analyze these situations through knowing not only my WSP™ Profile, but also understanding the WSP™ Profiles of those that I may be interacting with. This gives me the ability to help others exceed and creates a more cohesive working environment for all.
I recommend the WSP™ not only to my family, friends, and colleagues, but anyone who wants to understand how they can be more impactful in their work, school, or life.

Charles Hathorn

Organizational Consultant
WSP™ Inventory Experience

The WorkStyle Pattern® Inventory made a difference for me and Pepperdine University. I was tasked to lead a group of adjunct-faculty and alumni-volunteers to create coherence, discipline in selecting, orienting, and providing coaching and guidance to individuals coming into our two-year instructor role.

While all the team members valued learning, each team member brought different experiences to the role before us. In short we all preferred to work differently from each other -- that could create some stresses in a team.

Here are four things using WSP™ Inventory did for us: The team managed stress better knowing how each member preferred to work, It helped clarify for the program a deeper understanding of the role and role expectations, it gave us common concepts and vocabulary to articulate the role and it gave us what we desired in the role, but it also clarified behaviors not necessary for the role.

Rick Clayton

Retired General Manager in manufacturing and WSP™ Process Sponsor
WSP™ Inventory Experience

I’ve worked with the McFletcher Corporation over the past 36 years as a client, associate, consultant and friend. With McFletcher’s guidance I had the unique experience of leading two major organizations through organizational and cultural alignment programs.  This put me in a dual role as a General Manager and a Change Agent. This was difficult and stressful but worth the pain and effort. The results obtained exceeded my expectations. Both organizations achieved world class manufacturing status.

I’ve experienced all of their alignment processes and inventories. If you commit to and rely on them THEY WORK! TRY IT!  YOU WILL LIKE IT!

Vitalis Essala

University student
WSP™ Inventory Experience

When I was coming to this class, I was suspicious. I enrolled to the class because there was probably nothing else I could find more interesting than it. Looking at the title of the course, I thought it was going to be philosophy (empty, pompous terms) I didn’t need. But I was so wrong to think so and so right to take the class. From the first module, my interest for the class grew high.

I did not know what to expect in module 1. The concept of Alignment was foreign to me. I had always considered work to be an undesirable task I want to get rid of as soon as I can. And then I took my WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventory. By the way, when I saw that I was going to study an 18-page report I screamed. I knew I was up for torture. “Why in the world would I have to lacerate my brain with a dumb test report that will add no value to my life,” I thought. I had taken personality tests before over and over again. The last one I took in a previous class was so wrong that I wished I didn’t waste my time taking it.

But this whole class was different. My WSP™ Profile has talked to me like no one else, and like no other test ever had. I finally understood why the McIntosh-Fletchers promise a fulfilled life to those that apply the principles of Work Alignment. I know what I like and want to do; in fact, I knew it before the class, but I couldn’t find a name for it, and I didn’t know how to explain it to a potential employer. Now I have educated information about myself and my skills.

From the start of this class, I have turned down several job offers because the job descriptions did not meet my want or at least required me to offer what I don’t want to offer or what I can’t offer successfully. When I talk to a recruiter, I use my Preferred WorkStyle Profile description with elegant explanation, which, I believe, sends a message out that, “This dude knows what he wants!” In a word, I am proud. That’s how excited I am with this class. I want my wife to take her WSP test, and when I open my business, I will partner with the McIntosh-Fletchers to help my team members with their WSP™ information.

In the end, I thank God for having let me take this class. I thank you, sir, for designing this class. I feel that even if I were to stop here with my education, I would get out of it the most valuable insight I could ever dream of for my life. I have no excuse but to succeed in life with the tools this class has given me. I am writing with my heart and hope you will pardon my emotion. I was satisfied with the class.”