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What is WSP™

WSP™ represents WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) – a workplace Alignment process. You are invited to Get Started and experience the WSP™ Inventory. WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventory is a proven, validated, and reliable self-assessment based upon work activities and the language of work. It is a structured way of understanding an individual’s relationship to work. It measures and describes how a person likes to and is doing work. It is about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of work.

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Samples WSP™

Explore these samples and discover how WorkStyle Alignment will help you contribute even more effectively to your work while using your Preferred WorkStyle. Experiment with a mini demonstration of the type of statements and responses the WSP™ Inventory contains. Experience a preview of WSP™ Inventory results and personalized reports– both in Quick and Full formats

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I wasn't moving up. I was moving sideways. It was exhausting. Learning my WSP™ Preference changed that. It brought everything into focus. Work became sustainable and enjoyable.

Andy Hamilton

Wildland Firefigher
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Learning about my WSP™ Profile absolutely changed my life. It was like a light bulb went on. It gave me a level of self-understanding that has guided me in every professional decision.

Erica Palmer

Independent Marketing Strategist
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Objectivity, creating alignment and caring about people stand out with the WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventory. It offers a way to openly, freely, and tangibly hold conversations about work.

Erin John Bittner

Chief Operating Officer in Retail & Wholesale client
WSP™ Inventory Experience

I’ve used the WSP™ process in my consulting work for over 25 years. It offers insights that other inventories and instruments miss – what each person can love about work. It resonates deeply!

Susan Frederickson

Certified in WSP™ Inventories

I have been stunned thus far in my educational career in medicine how well the WSP™ Inventory identified the career path that allows me to take advantage of my work preferences regardless of the specialty I choose. I couldn’t be happier.

Adam Jorgensen

Doctoral Student, Medical Research
WSP™ Inventory Experience

The first time I learned through the WSP™ Inventory that work was not immutable and could be designed to fit the person, it made a difference for me and I know it can for you as well.

Mark Jepperson

Working Change Consultant
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

The WorkStyle Alignment has opened my eyes to everything I already knew but was unaware of. When new opportunities arise I reference the WSP™ Inventory to ensure the right path.

Chelsea Thibodoc

Physical Fitness Instructor, Community Volunteer
WSP™ Inventory Experience

I particularly like the Teaming capabilities with the WSP™ Inventory. Also for mentoring young adults in their classes and internships. It has even deepened our marriage as we work together.

Kevin Book-Satterlee

Mission Leadership, Spain
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

It wasn’t until I went through the WSP™ Inventory that I understand the work I would thrive in. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand how they can be more impactful in their work, school, or life.

Spencer Jorgensen

College Student and Admissions Representative
WSP™ Inventory Experience

As I work with organizations, I share the WSP™ concept for getting projects off the ground by selecting staff members to work in their Preferred WorkStyle areas. As a team we accomplished huge goals.

Dr. Tina Balderrama Kubicek

Tina B. Kubicek & Associates, LLC, Certified in WSP™ Inventories
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

The WSP™ Inventory is critical in the selection and development of a talent pool by defining the work a person ‘WANTS TO DO’ versus ‘HAVE TO DO’ – for work alignment – the ‘fit’.

David Bradley

President of consulting group, British Colombia Canada
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

Armed with knowledge gained from the WSP™ Inventory of what I can offer to the workplace and community, I use my strengths to support the execution of the work.

Jackie Hunter

Leadership Coach, Saskatchewan, Canada
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

The WorkStyle Patterns® Inventory made a difference for me and Pepperdine University It helped clarify a deeper understanding of the program role expectations; but also behaviors not necessary for the role.

Charles Hathorn

Organizational Consultant
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Using the WSP™ alignment process in the USA and Africa answered employees questions before they even knew they any. This is a solid foundation to help build any team, career or company.

Jim Fallon

Global Training Manager in Energy Industry, USA and Africa
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Career Transition Coach, the WSP™ process is the “missing piece” for choices that honors each person’s true preference for their best work.

Janina Latack

Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

I had the unique experience of leading two major organizations through Work alignment programs and achieved world class manufacturing status. “I’ve experienced all of the alignment processes and Inventories. THEY WORK! “

Rick Clayton

Retired General Manager in manufacturing and WSP™ Process Sponsor
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Having completed my own WSP™‎ Inventory, I was surprised not only by its precision but also the value of the WSP™ alignment concept in our consulting portfolio with German speaking countries.

Michael Poellot

Consulting Partner, Munich Germany
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

My WSP™ Profile has talked to me like no one else, and like no other test ever had. Now, I when I talk to a recruiter, I use my Preferred WorkStyle Profile description with elegant explanation.

Vitalis Essala

University student
WSP™ Inventory Experience

We used the WSP™ process for position development and in hiring and training with amazing results. Over eight years turnover was less than 1%, one lost time accident, and disciplinary actions rare.

John Kotlanger

Lean Process Consultant
Certified in WSP™ Inventories