Other WorkStyle Alignment Products

The WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventory described in this website is represented by a complete collection of WSP™ Alignment products and services. Learn more about these other Inventories, Alignment Tools, Books, Patterns Briefs and Reports by clicking below. See how you can purchase and incorporate these with your virtual and onsite WorkStyle Alignment projects.


The WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventories with self-assessment learnings and reports determine WorkStyles. The WSP™ Inventory in this website identifies how a person prefers to work – the WANT, and how he or she is actually working – the IS. The WSP™ Position Expectation, Team Role, Team Member and 360 Feedback companion Inventories are also described in this section.

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WSP™ Inventory identifies and compares a person’s work preferences and the requirements of the work they are performing based upon responses to 72 specific activities.  The WSP™ Inventory results describe work activities, compare personal and work environment alignment, identify work approach and WorkStyle stress levels, The person’s identified Profile descriptions are included in graphic format along with individualized WorkStyle Fit Analytics.


WSP™ Position Expectation Inventory clarifies and prioritizes work activity requirements and profiles the appropriate WorkStyle approach from the organization’s perspective, for example by employers, colleagues or customers.


WSP™ Team Role Assessment Inventory identifies a team’s primary role and purpose.  This WSP™ Inventory clarifies and prioritizes activities required to meet work environment expectations and goals – the work approach for the role of a team.


WSP™ Team Member Assignment Inventory enables teams, functions or work groups to select and appropriately assign group members for group projects and responsibilities. This WSP™ Inventory profiles specific team assignments aligned to the team’s role. It clarifies and prioritizes activities required to accomplish the assignment(s) that support the team’s purpose.


WSP™ 360 Feedback Inventory provides a position holder with an understanding of how others perceive he or she is currently performing the work. When used in conjunction with the WSP™ Individual and Position Expectation Inventories and the SHOULD design process for the role, this assessment process also provides comparative information for performance planning.


Alignment Tools

WorkStyle Alignment moves beyond a conceptual framework to a highly practical system of online and hard copy integrated tools and literature. These practical, how-to resources equip individuals, teams and their work environments to Realize the Promise of Aligned Work.

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WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Alignment Packets include a six-packet series that helps individuals and organizations develop specific action plans to address issues raised by the assessment results from the WSP™ Inventories. Each packet offers a self-guided process with practical checklists and exercises designed to achieve WorkStyle Alignment. Each also has a single purpose and provides a specific learning experience.  Combined, these WSP™ Alignment Packets address all aspects of individual and team productivity.  WSP™ Inventories provide a foundational and integrative function within and between each Packet.  The six Alignment Packets are:


Assessment clarifies the meaning and implications of WSP™ Preferred and Actual WorkStyle Profiles, provides insights through writing My Alignment Story.


Stress highlights personal and organizational WSP™ WorkStyle Stress and helps individuals select productive WorkStyle choices to enhance work satisfaction and career options.


Transition develops a tactical and strategic plan to achieve closer alignment between one’s WSP™ Preferred and Actual WorkStyles for current or future assignments.


Dialog offers a three-step method to clarify expectations between the work environment and workforce members, wherein both determine the best WorkStyle Profile to accomplish the work.


Skills identifies and compares preferences and competencies for alignment with skill requirements and helps the individual determine strategies for skill alignment.


Team provides work teams a three-phase process to define or redefine a team’s purpose and its WorkStyle Profile, determine team assignments and align its members.  In addition to the WSP™ Individual Inventory, this Packet includes WSP™ Team Role Assessment and WSP™ Team Member Assignment Inventories.


Process-based Alignment Products are represented by the following four Work Alignment products to expand from individual to team applications to total work environment solutions:


WorkStyle Work Design Participant Handbook outlines a process for designing and redesigning work to best fit a work environment’s emerging structure and culture. It answers the WHY, WHAT and HOW to master shifting work processes and customer changes.  The accompanying WorkStyle Work Design Facilitator Guide provides the technology to asses and design work changes for high performance.

Organization Design Approach Scale™ (ODAS™) provides a process-based integration framework and assessment process for organizational change efforts involving strategic planning, restructuring, WorkStyle Work Design and cultural integration.  It includes a goal setting process to achieve the cultural shifts necessary for meet the work environment’s vision.

Personal MinistryDesign™ (PMD™) Mankind’s deepest satisfaction and sense of purpose comes from serving others, yet we often hold back with the questions, where, what and how. Personal MinistryDesign™ (PMD™) addresses these questions by discovering the answers already lying within and creating a personal action plan.  The Where uncovers the heart’s passion, the What defines talents and skills and with the WSP™ Inventory, the How determines the preferred way of working = the delivery system.  PMD™ then bundles these together for a complete understanding of one’s potential ministry of service for God.


We have authored books that support the implementation of the WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) concepts, principles and processes. Two books are featured – Realizing The Promise of Work – for workforce and workplace alignment and Teaming By Design for assessing the levels of need for and design of teams. Click below to learn more and purchase you own copies.

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Book and Dialog Sessions – Realizing the Promise of Work – illustrates concepts put into action and workplace principles put into practice.  It offers a wide range of work-related issues and alignment solutions. The alignment between the workplace and the workforce has changed radically as work structures and operating practices bend to the realities of truly global work. Workforce demographic changes have also served as a catalytic force for new forms of work and the incorporation of diverse cultures and languages.


With the ever-shifting global workplace, this book describes how people and their work environments are accomplishing Work Alignment solutions using the WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Process for work of lasting value.  The book’s core components are illustrated in three sections – the Workplace, the Work Environment and the Workforce.  These are described as separate entities coming together for integrated results.  This framework serves as the book’s conceptual and visual guide.


Insightful real-life experiences are featured throughout this book from twenty-six of McFletcher’s clients and colleagues who gathered to dialog and offer their workplace successes and challenges.  Read their stories and watch their videos to interact with their dialog and Workplace in Action experiences.  Gain encouragement for how you can, through WorkStyle Alignment, realize the promise of work for lasting value.


As you apply the Alignment principles and practices described in this book – no matter where you work or what work you do – you will be deeply enriched.  You will be fulfilled by striving for what is right for the workplace and the workforce, with insight and wisdom to pass on to future generations.


Soft cover book with Internet access to video dialogs that accompany the book are available through The McFletcher Corporation. Volume discounts available. Leadership programs are available for executive sessions.


Book and Workshops — “Teaming by Design: Real Teams for Real People” is a definitive book about how teams can best work. It is a guide with a process flow for teamwork illustrated in a checklist format. A distinctive element of the book is a method for determining how competitive or collaborative the team is or should be cross-functionally throughout the global organization structure. This then provides additional resource material for the WSP™ Team Profiles with the Team WorkStyle Alignment.


WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) analytics on teaming identifies three distinct levels of teaming.  Both the levels of teaming and how to assess the right level are described in the book.  Each chapter includes an actual team story and the process steps employed to implement the ideas and suggestions.


Teaming by Design Workshops based on this book include customized team system, created for each organization to shape its team structure. This system incorporates a process flow for teamwork. It identifies when to use teams to accomplish work, and when to consider a broader approach to teaming through collaborative sharing across the organization.


Hard cover book available through The McFletcher Corporation. Team exercises and group productivity assessments illustrated in the book are available from McFletcher as interactive PDF files. Teaming workshops by author or McFletcher consultants are available in generic and client-specific applications. Teaming session designs with workshop outlines are available for purchase as well.

Patterns Briefs

WSP™ research findings and analyses are periodically published in WorkStyle Patterns® Briefs and Technical Reports. These highlight significant workforce and workplace trends among professions and industries. Click on the hyperlinks to review the Briefs. And watch for more to come!

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Workplaces globally are rethinking their talent management and leadership strategies. These WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) models, reports and processes provide practical ways of addressing these strategies. Click below on your items of interest to learn more.

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Talent Management.  Too many organizations ‘Hire for Skills and Fire for Fit.’ The WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Hiring and Selection process provides the ‘fit’ aspects of the work. It enables work environments to ‘Hire for Skills AND Fit.’


Leadership Accountabilities.  In the past, traditional organizational hierarchies provided clarity through defined structures and designated leadership roles. In today’s workplace, information technology has impacted how those in leadership work and gain information.  Critical for leadership is to prepare its workforce to internalize shared work principles and accountabilities that also orient individual WorkStyle contributions.


Shifting Role of Support Functions.  If work in the information society moves in the direction that information moves, what does that mean for support functions? WSP™ Alignment data analysis reveals tremendous shifts in how the work of support areas such as HR, Finance and Supply Chain operations now need to function. Work can no longer be defined in terms of positions, departments or functions, but rather by processes, partnerships and multiple assignments.


Career Systems.  This four-step system – individual coaching, performance development, work group alignment and profiling of roles – provides focus on the preference and skills of the workforce while meeting current and future work environment performance requirements.


Role Clarification is ideal when the purpose for and content of the work has already been established and is not in need of change but a different WorkStyle approach is required from past practices to meet current or future work environment requirements. The process of WSP™ Role Clarification identifies how the work should be performed — either from a customer’s perspective, the work environment’s expectation and the view of those performing the work.


Telecom Report – Trends in Regulated and Entrepreneurial Telecommunications and Electronics Work Environments


Concept of Alignment – Health Environment


Guided Missiles & Moving TargetsLaunching Change During Mergers and Acquisitions


WSP™ Industry Alignment – The Perils and Payoff of Change.  How work environments plan for and manage change determines their peril and payoff.  WorkStyle research results show three stages of moving through change – On the Brink, In the Midst and On the Move.  Who is getting hit the hardest and who is moving on?