WSP™ Inventory Certifications

The McFletcher Corporation’s life work is to provide resources for and develop sustained productive work environments through the alignment of people and their work.


With Certification programs, online learning transfer, presentations and behind-the-scenes coaching, we equip people like you to use WorkStyle Inventories, companion alignment products, processes and research. Our goal is to help you maximize your capabilities in the many applications of the WSP™ Inventories.


The McFletcher Corporation has sponsored Certifications since 1983 that focus on the use of a variety of WSP™ Inventories, including the one featured in this website. As a professional, you will join a network of Certified WSP™ Inventory members throughout the world providing WorkStyle Alignment-based services with WSP™ Inventories.


Interested in adding WorkStyle Alignment with WSP™ Inventories as part of your professional services? Click the link below to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss together Certification specifics and options.

Delene showing online access instructions

WSP™ IT expert enjoys coaching with WSP™ Work Fit Analytics.

WSP™ Certification at Banff Canada

WSP™ Certifications are intense in learning and delightful in settings – Banff Canada, hosted by TELUS and Trans West.

Tomas working with Bert

Reviewing WSP™ Alignment Packet – WorkStyle Stress doing Action Plan with author Tomas.

Wall at Certification

Certification illustrates that the heart of work is WorkStyle alignment.

Yelenda, Meli, Ema

In Honduras, mission staff members review their WSP™ results in their native tongue.

China YWAM team

Happy staff interns in China with positive confirmation of their Inventory results.

Taking the WSP™ in Honduras

Group learning with WSP™ Inventory certified instructor in Latin America.

Mpila receiving his Facilitation Certificate with WSP™ authors
Tomas and Egardo at Certification

Becoming WSP™ Inventory Certified for HR Talent Management in Latin America

WSP™ Inventory Equipping Certification
– Talent Management

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Focus – achieve the GOAL of becoming equipped to apply WSP™ Inventories for WorkStyle Alignment at the individual and group level for Talent Management purposes.  You know how to administer and interpret WSP™ Inventories, use action planning resources and provide WorkStyle Fit analytics.  You use WorkStyle Alignment to recruit, hire, select and develop individuals and groups in their various work environments.


Method – EXPERIENCE a shared commitment between you, other participants and McFletcher with four, four-hour virtual sessions. Between sessions include individual and group knowledge-based assignments and skill-based practicums. In this interactive format, you share your experiences administering WSP™ Inventories and analyzing workplace results with others.  McFletcher provides coaching to ensure you achieve the program objectives and required competencies.


Content – LEARN the ethics, purpose and practical use of WorkStyle Inventories, Alignment Packets and other online resources – all available at the touch of a button – to store, manage and retrieve WSP™ online resources with your own customized code. Learn to interpret individual and group results for supporting workforce alignment opportunities and facilitate WSP™ role clarification dialogs.  In a post-session practicum, you apply WSP™ Inventories with an intact work group and practice how to assemble, interpret and present WSP™ analytics leading the group to more aligned ways of working.


Results – ACHIEVE the use of online WSP™ Inventories and WorkStyle Alignment diagnostic methods for determining work performance issues and new ways to increase individual and group performance.  Apply WorkStyle Fit Analytics for role clarification, individual development and work environment productivity. Upon successful completion, you receive license use to purchase and administer WSP™ Inventories, products, books and research-based studies and workplace analytics. You have your own online repository for storing and retrieving all of your the WSP™ Inventory administration results while enjoying access to a broad spectrum of WorkStyle Alignment resources – coaching tools, studies, samples, templates and more!

WSP™ Inventory Facilitation Certification
– Applications and Solutions

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Focus – achieve the GOAL to extend your Talent Management Equipping Certification knowledge and experience for WorkStyle Alignment applications and solutions with your customers and through a network of consulting colleagues.  Further extend your Work Alignment skills and design solutions with real time workplace situations.  You develop capabilities to design and implement projects with the WSP™ Inventory framework.


Method – EXPERIENCE during the two-day plus evenings onsite session an intense series of experiential and group-based practicums employing work situations and work culture analytics.  Through WSP™ exercises, globally-based case studies and lively discussions, you practice how to communicate the experience and benefits of WorkStyle Alignment and plan how to generate solution-based results.  You bring a current work environment situation to use as an at the moment case study to identify immediate alignment options and solutions.


Content – LEARN how to use the broader suite of WSP™ Inventories and online resources by applying the foundational Talent Management learnings from your prior WSP™ Inventory Equipping Certification. Gain more in-depth WSP™ alignment perspectives in the critical areas of workforce retention, Work Design methodology, leadership development, career and performance systems, work culture assessments and design solutions.  You also learn how to incorporate WSP™ Inventories with the three levels of Teaming By Design, organizational performance consulting and work cultural integration. You then master how to help individuals and their work environments identify and respond to WorkStyle Stress misalignment through creating WSP™ alignment opportunities and incorporating WorkStyle Fit Analytics.


Results – ACHIEVE alignment solutions through applying your understanding of WSP™ Inventory processes and results in a WorkStyle Alignment approach for aligning individuals, groups and processes with the goals of the work environment.  In addition to the online resources from your Equipping Certification you gain access to other WSP™ Inventories, additional WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) alignment products, publications and global analytics.  You support sustained alignment by preparing the workforce with new ways of thinking and performing in their work. You ensure workplace opportunities through WorkStyle Alignment applications and solutions that produce positive outcomes.


Interested in adding WorkStyle Alignment with WSP™ Inventories as part of your professional services?  Click the menu option to Contact Us.  We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss together Certification specifics and options.

WSP™ Inventory Sponsorship Certification

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Focus – achieve the GOAL, in your leadership capacity, to move your work environment beyond the WHAT of work to the HOW of work to reach World Class metrics through WorkStyle Alignment.  As an informed WSP™ Inventory Sponsor, you support others who are WSP™ Inventory equipped to guide their successful strategies in the use of WSP™ Inventory-based Work Alignment initiatives for productive and sustained organizational outcomes.


Method – EXPERIENCE two virtual three-hour sessions custom designed to meet your specific work environment issues and opportunities.  Receive license use with your personalized code for easy and quick access to the results generated from all the WSP™ Inventories administered in your work environment.  You will experience how to utilize other online resources for your WSP™ presentations, discussions and coaching sessions


Content – LEARN the conceptual framework of WorkStyle alignment to further meet work environment goals and work processes.  Learn ways to incorporate members’ WSP™ Inventory results with work flow processes to ensure placement options for members in relation to both required skills (the WHAT) and WorkStyle Profiles (the HOW).  Along with your network of WSP™ Inventory equipped professionals, distinguish the need for and identify appropriate Work Alignment services and resources that yield positive bottom line metrics and results.


Results – ACHIEVE the creation of Work Alignment strategies and solutions for others to implement.  Mobilize successful workforce movement and alignment of rapidly shifting roles and accountabilities that make your work environment highly successful in the marketplace or community.