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History of WSP™ Alignment

WSP™ Alignment is a solutions-based process and product line for realizing the promise of work. It is the culmination of The McFletcher Corporation’s consulting services and work-based research since 1974. WSP™ Alignment addresses the human need to achieve fulfillment in work activities, the work environment’s need for productivity and society’s need for products and services of lasting value – each drawing strength from and contributing to the other for:


  • The Workplace: Societies and Their Global Markets receive lasting value from the workplace and the workforce – for current performance benefits and future regeneration.
  • The Work Environment: WSP™ Alignment Principles and Practices provide learning, innovation and growth opportunities – for fulfillment of purpose and success in delivery of work.
  • The Workforce: People and Their Collective Cultures gain accomplishment and satisfaction from aligned work activities – for enriched and meaningful work-life experiences.

Manufacturing in Latin America with HR Staff hosting a WSP™ intern all in Spanish.

Co-author Tomas proudly presenting the Realizing the Promise of Work book.

Illustrating WorkStyle misalignment – WorkStyle Stress! Learning with McFletcher is hard work that works, and joyfully so.

Authors, Donna and Tomas, with daughter Alicia during 35th year company celebration.

WSP™ product line certified advisor preparing for his promotional presentation.

Learning systems consultant and WSP™ Intern available to answer your WSP™ questions.

Building a strong staff in China through WorkStyle Patterns® Alignment.

One brilliant and fun group of McFletcher college and high school interns. Ask for their help, they love it!

Sunburst celebration presentation by McFletcher to Badger Meter de Mexico for its world class manufacturing performance.

Co-authors Donna and Tomas sending you their blessings for your work of today and the future.

Sharing the benefits of practicing the principles of work alignment to Director of a local community non profit service agency.

Twenty six company representatives and McFletcher Staff who wrote the stories of workplace success in the book Realizing the Promise of Work.

About the McFletcher Corporation

In the competitive world of work, organizations search for ways to increase organizational productivity and employee satisfaction. Striving to meet the challenges of the ever-changing marketplace, they continually improve work processes, restructure for lean operations with cross-process integration and implement costly new technologies. However, the expected benefits often fall short for failing to connect the workforce to the work.


For over four decades, The McFletcher Corporation has offered additional leverage to places of work – including but not limited to corporations, businesses, schools, government and nonprofit agencies. It has helped organizations like yours identify and apply the strengths of the world’s greatest resource: its people. McFletcher equips individuals, teams and organizations to uphold and realize the promise of work through creating positive and productive processes for people to accomplish their work.


The McFletcher Corporation is a pioneer in the concept and practice of Work Alignment — a recognized resource for workforce and workplace trends. McFletcher’s Work Alignment products, processes and research equip places of work and their people to create aligned work environments.

WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Authors

WorkStyle Patterns® Alignment – A Framework to Realize the Promise of Work


“Take the guesswork, conflicting expectations and confusion out of the workday, and what’s left? The work… and the opportunity to accomplish work more thoughtfully, quickly and with passion.”


That’s the ultimate goal of our life’s work — pioneering WorkStyle Patterns® Alignment, a concept we have introduced to thousands of people, hundreds of organizations, and multiple cultures worldwide since 1979. The process, and the rich information it yields, builds understanding and consensus about work perceptions that lead to improved workplace productivity and individual satisfaction. We invite you to experience WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Alignment with the WSP™ Inventory. It moves beyond the “what” of work to the crucial “how” to accomplish work

Donna McIntosh-Fletcher

The McFletcher Corporation and Co-author of WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventories

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W Thomas "Tomas" McIntosh-Fletcher

The McFletcher Corporation and Co-author of The WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventories

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WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Team

The following individuals serve as the core members of The McFletcher Corporation’s WorkStyle Alignment Team. Click on their picture to learn more about how each person supports the WSP™ Inventories. Additional professional individuals, alliance firms and WSP™ Certified coaches are also available for specific information and services.

Judy Barrette
Consulting, Learning Systems
Delene Burton
Software and Technical Systems
Lisa Smith
CPA — Finance and Procurement
Rebekah Case
Intern, Customer Support
Kyle Arvin
Intern, Social Media
Christian Peterson
Intern, Research
Mark Jepperson
Affiliate Consultant
Bill Erwin
Affiliate Consultant
Mike (“JB”) John-Baptiste
Advisor, WSP™ Productization
Kevin Book-Satterlee
Michael Poellot
Affiliate Consultant