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What is WSP™

WSP™ represents WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) – a workplace Alignment process. You are invited to Get Started and experience the WSP™ Inventory. WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventory is a proven, validated, and reliable self-assessment based upon work activities and the language of work. It is a structured way of understanding an individual’s relationship to work. It measures and describes how a person likes to and is doing work. It is about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of work.

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Samples WSP™

Explore these samples and discover how WorkStyle Alignment will help you contribute even more effectively to your work while using your Preferred WorkStyle. Experiment with a mini demonstration of the type of statements and responses the WSP™ Inventory contains. Experience a preview of WSP™ Inventory results and personalized reports– both in Quick and Full formats

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I wasn't moving up. I was moving sideways. It was exhausting. Learning my WSP™ Preference changed that. It brought everything into focus. Work became sustainable and enjoyable.

Andy Hamilton

Wildland Firefigher
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Learning about my WSP™ Profile absolutely changed my life. It was like a light bulb went on. It gave me a level of self-understanding that has guided me in every professional decision.

Erica Palmer

Independent Marketing Strategist
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Objectivity, creating alignment and caring about people stand out with the WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventory. It offers a way to openly, freely, and tangibly hold conversations about work.

Erin John Bittner

Chief Operating Officer in Retail & Wholesale client
WSP™ Inventory Experience

I’ve used the WSP™ process in my consulting work for over 25 years. It offers insights that other inventories and instruments miss – what each person can love about work. It resonates deeply!

Susan Frederickson

Certified in WSP™ Inventories

I have been stunned thus far in my educational career in medicine how well the WSP™ Inventory identified the career path that allows me to take advantage of my work preferences regardless of the specialty I choose. I couldn’t be happier.

Adam Jorgensen

Doctoral Student, Medical Research
WSP™ Inventory Experience

The first time I learned through the WSP™ Inventory that work was not immutable and could be designed to fit the person, it made a difference for me and I know it can for you as well.

Mark Jepperson

Working Change Consultant
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

The WorkStyle Alignment has opened my eyes to everything I already knew but was unaware of. When new opportunities arise I reference the WSP™ Inventory to ensure the right path.

Chelsea Thibodoc

Physical Fitness Instructor, Community Volunteer
WSP™ Inventory Experience

I particularly like the Teaming capabilities with the WSP™ Inventory. Also for mentoring young adults in their classes and internships. It has even deepened our marriage as we work together.

Kevin Book-Satterlee

Mission Leadership, Spain
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

It wasn’t until I went through the WSP™ Inventory that I understand the work I would thrive in. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand how they can be more impactful in their work, school, or life.

Spencer Jorgensen

College Student and Admissions Representative
WSP™ Inventory Experience

As I work with organizations, I share the WSP™ concept for getting projects off the ground by selecting staff members to work in their Preferred WorkStyle areas. As a team we accomplished huge goals.

Dr. Tina Balderrama Kubicek

Tina B. Kubicek & Associates, LLC, Certified in WSP™ Inventories
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

The WSP™ Inventory is critical in the selection and development of a talent pool by defining the work a person ‘WANTS TO DO’ versus ‘HAVE TO DO’ – for work alignment – the ‘fit’.

David Bradley

President of consulting group, British Colombia Canada
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

Armed with knowledge gained from the WSP™ Inventory of what I can offer to the workplace and community, I use my strengths to support the execution of the work.

Jackie Hunter

Leadership Coach, Saskatchewan, Canada
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

The WorkStyle Patterns® Inventory made a difference for me and Pepperdine University It helped clarify a deeper understanding of the program role expectations; but also behaviors not necessary for the role.

Charles Hathorn

Organizational Consultant
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Using the WSP™ alignment process in the USA and Africa answered employees questions before they even knew they any. This is a solid foundation to help build any team, career or company.

Jim Fallon

Global Training Manager in Energy Industry, USA and Africa
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Career Transition Coach, the WSP™ process is the “missing piece” for choices that honors each person’s true preference for their best work.

Janina Latack

Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

I had the unique experience of leading two major organizations through Work alignment programs and achieved world class manufacturing status. “I’ve experienced all of the alignment processes and Inventories. THEY WORK! “

Rick Clayton

Retired General Manager in manufacturing and WSP™ Process Sponsor
WSP™ Inventory Experience

Having completed my own WSP™‎ Inventory, I was surprised not only by its precision but also the value of the WSP™ alignment concept in our consulting portfolio with German speaking countries.

Michael Poellot

Consulting Partner, Munich Germany
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

My WSP™ Profile has talked to me like no one else, and like no other test ever had. Now, I when I talk to a recruiter, I use my Preferred WorkStyle Profile description with elegant explanation.

Vitalis Essala

University student
WSP™ Inventory Experience

We used the WSP™ process for position development and in hiring and training with amazing results. Over eight years turnover was less than 1%, one lost time accident, and disciplinary actions rare.

John Kotlanger

Lean Process Consultant
Certified in WSP™ Inventories

“Knowing (my Preference) about myself not only gives me criteria with which to judge future employment opportunities, but also to create alignment in my current situation where possible and reduce stress from misalignment.”

Alignment in Life

University Students
WSP™ Student Learnings

“Through (globalization-based change) alignment is key. Workers who are aligned with their work and workplaces are happier and more satisfied. Companies aligned with their purpose and environment are more successful.”

WorkStyle Preference

University Students
WSP™ Student Learnings

“Learning about all the different WorkStyles really allowed me to understand how I am in the workplace, as well as showed me ways I can improve in the workplace.”

Working with Others

University Students
WSP™ Student Learnings

“Helped me understand my preferences and motivations in planning my future career. The instruction on aligning those preferences with work gives me ideas of how to redesign my workplace.”

WorkStyle Fit

University Students
WSP™ Student Learnings

“My biggest takeaway…was recognizing my WorkStyle Preference and applying it every week at my workplace. The changes I made were not drastic but being aware of my preference made all the difference. I was able to understand why I preferred certain tasks over others, and I was able to leverage others who I believed might fit under complimentary roles … it might sound silly, but it actually helped me gain some confidence.

Productive and Fulfilled

University Students
WSP™ Student Learnings